MIOR Gallery

Memorial Institute for Ophthalmic Research

● A lofty architecture inherited from one generation to the next
● Established in 1914, and opened in 1925, by the English Dr., Prof.Arthur Ferguson MacCallan.
● It consisted of 1 building, which is now the Memorial Museum Building
● The Institute was leaded by a great variety of great Ophthalmologists practically and scientifically until now.
● That Great Architecture that includes human resources along with all the medical equipment, with top professors and doctors, where 285,065 patients were ophthalmologically examined throughout the years, and 15,000 ophthalmological surgeries were performed.
● In 2018, The Ophthalmology free outpatient clinics received about 177 thousand patients, the economic Clinics received 109 thousand patients, The Internal medecine clinic received about 5000 patients, and the dentistry clinic received about 20 thousand patients, which collectively equals 310 thousand patients this year.
● Besides, 2200 Free Ophthalmic surgeries were performed, 8000 economic surgeries were performed, and 2400 surgeries at the state’s expense.

Consists of 10 Operation Theatres equipped with the latest medical devices,
and it includes the latest laboratory devices with high technical and functional

Includes a variety Clinics and ophthalmological investigational devices

Includes 12 Clinics in addition to sub-specialty clinics, Glaucoma Clinic, Retina
Clinic, Cornea Clinic and Oculoplasty Clinic

Includes the latest educational methods

Soon will be opened, it will Consist of 9 clinics for examination and investigation, a
complete floor for internal admission, a floor for pediatric surgeries with 4
operation theatres equipped with the latest ophthalmological devices

Consists of free and Economic Clinics equipped with the latest ophthalmological

Consists of a Main Auditorium, Genetics laboratory, and a variety of lecture&
training Rooms and a Virtual Simulator for phaco Surgery and Retinal surgeries