Great conference, very good organization, rich in the educational content.

Mohammed Ali Mohammed

Thanks to the organization.

Lucy Attia Morcos

Great organization.

Ahmed Abdelghany Abdelkhalek

Very interesting organized rich conference.

Safaa Abdelaziz Abdelrahman

I was glad to take part in the conference as a speaker in the free paper session.

Mona Medhat ElGammal

The conference was good.

Ali Salih Alnaimi

Clean place, good organization, good scientific materials. The landscape area needs to be more organized.

Amr Mahmoud Magdy

Thanks for everything.

Mariam Mahmoud Ahmed

The conference was an excellent useful time.

Hayam Adel Gorgi

It was a very great effort and I wish attending next year.

Hadeel Mostafa elsheewy