Presenting Doctor Presentation Title Presentation Link
Adel Alei El Din Leukocoria PDF
Ahmed Abdelhady Farrag Refractive surgery in pediatric do or not to do PDF
Ahmed Abo Elfetoh Fat redistribution in blepharoplasty PDF
Ahmed El Shafie Posterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy PDF
Ahmed Fouad Case presentation PDF
Alaa Fayed Hiding in plain sight PDF
Amani Fawzi OCTA can predict anti VEGF treatment intensity PDF
Amani Fawzi MacTel ,What did OCTA teach us PDF
Amani Fawzi Chorioretinal biopsy in intraocular lymphoma PDF
Amr El Shafie Amniotic membrane in ocular surface diseases PDF
Ayman Ghoneimy Injection of eye muscles in concomitant strabismus PDF
Engy AbdElmalak Wahba Aniridia PDF
Esraa Ramadan Case Presentation PDF
Hanan El Ghoniemy The evolving story of phakic IOLs : What’s new ? PDF
Hany Nasr Challenging penetrating keratoplasty PDF
Hazem Elnashar Retinal expansion and macular massage PDF
Hazem Yassin Posterior lamellar surgeries , different stories PDF
Karim Adly Raafat OCT A surprises in AMD diagnosis and management PDF
Maha Hassan Abdel Samad Ibrahim Papilledema versus pseudopapilledema in children PDF
Mohamed Abdelmoniem Mohamed Sedik Corneal dystrophies; Easy to diagnose but hard to remember PDF
Mohamed Shaykhon Unlucky phaco patient PDF
Mohsen Salem ‘’Glaucoma… don’t cheat on me !!’’ PDF
Mostafa Mahmoud Abousebei Huge IOFBs PDF
Mostafa Salah Refractive lens exchange pearls of success PDF
Nader Momtaz Case presentation PDF
Nader Momtaz Ophthalmologist saving lives PDF
Nihal Omar When a non-seeing eye matters , case presentation PDF
Omar El Zawahry Yellow 557 versus diode 810 micro pulse lasers in management of DME PDF
Rania Sobhy Always expect the unexpected in corneal perforation PDF
Tarek Abd Elsamea DALK from A to Z PDF
Tarek Abd Elsamea Challenging Cases presented by PDF
Tarek Badr When anti-VEGF is an enemy in advanced PDR PDF
Wael El-Gendy When right goes wrong, simple goes rogue PDF
Yasmine El Sayed ‘’Circumferential Schlemm Canal Surgery’’ PDF
Zeinab Ahmed Modifications in transposition Surgery PDF