Excellent conference.

Heba Matta

It was excellent. Difficult to attend many topics on the first day even, they were interesting to me, Nice to make topics in one to three rooms every day. Thanks for your effort.

Wafaa Hassan Samour

Thanks for organizing this event.

Asmaa Ahmed Abdelhady

Very informative talks, Good courses

Enas Ismail Abd El Monieum

Many thanks for the conference managers & moderators.

Hisham Khattab

Many thanks for this great event! I hope to see and attend more and more.

Tayseer Abdelshafy Ebrahim

It was an impressive conference.

Hani Salah Mohamed

Good Organization

Mohamed Abdel Moneim

A very nice experience for me, It is really was wonderful.

Evon Moheb Gaber

I think it will be a leader In middle east summits within years.

Gerges Dawood Nazem