Welcome To MIOR

On behalf of the Memorial Institute for Ophthalmic Research (MIOR) it’s a great pleasure to welcome you to our Annual Conference of MIOR.
The MIOR is one of the leading clinical and research centers guiding the ophthalmic community in Egypt. The conference will present a rich scientific program spread over three days including various courses, panels and live transmission that will cover all sub-specialties in ophthalmology and a special session for our best young ophthalmologists. We are pleased to have distinguished guest speakers from different countries in addition to our Egyptian experts. We want to highlight the interesting session that will be held on the third day of the conference, using the new digitally assisted visualization system.
Finally, we hope you will find our conference a memorable experience and gain the maximum benefit in our beloved institute.

Head of The Meeting
Hanan El-Ghoneimy

Vice Presedent of the meeting
Nagla Hassan

Speakers Service Center Instructions

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